Tata Motors considering to launch its first electric car for public use by November as per sources. It is reported that Tata group officials has conveyed their plans of launching electric cars in nine cities mainly for the hospitality sector. Though the name of the car is not revealed, it is highly probable that it could be Tigor EV as it is already supplied to EESL, a Govt entity which means it is tested and homologated. Tigor is now produced at Sanand factory.

Earlier officials using the car has expressed concerns over its range which was observed at less than 100 km per charge while Tata claimed 130 km. This is an issue, which the company should address at the earliest or otherwise, the vehicle could just be a city mover targeted at select users with limited usage. The vehicle is claimed to attain 80% charge by 90 minutes and reach a top speed of 100km/hr. The car can will be charged using a charger which can be plugged to main line AC supply. It is also to be seen if the spec of the car will be same as that of the Govt supplied cars. With Center subsidy for electric cars, Tigor will cost close to 9 lakhs.

Another probable choice is Tiago EV which can retail at a lower cost. Tiago EV was showcased in 2018 Auto Expo and features similar spec as the Tigor while being a hatchback. However it is to be seen, the acceptance of electric vehicles at this price range, considering the limited range and charging options.


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